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800% your automotive dealership

Glenn Lundy is the only person in the world that grew a dealership 800% in 5 years, from 120 cars a month to a 1,000, in a small town of only 9,600 people, and is willing to tell you how he did it.

We experienced 119% increase November over November in our first month with the 800% club. We are well on our way to 800%!

David Hook, Bob Hook Chevrolet

The whole team is on the same page now. They’re each generating their own leads and seem energized and invigorated. The best part is they’re not the only ones. I too have a new passion and fire for the business that I haven’t felt in years. It’s powerful this 800% club stuff!

Bob Kain, Jack Kain Ford

20 Minutes in the book today is a major victory in itself for me on the last Friday of the month. I believe it says something about the growth of our team. One year ago, they couldn't operate for 10 minutes without me directly engaged with them, especially if we were to expect to have a green day! No way!

Travis Flaherty, Tony Brown Chevrolet

I fired the word can’t this morning and all of its relatives from my vocabulary! I am 100% responsible for my results. Positive or positive! What you think about, you bring about! Time to get some green today! I love this group! Thank you for changing my world!

Mike Overton, Rocky Mountain Yeti

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